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lawyer of the enterprise

Podilsky Legal Center Law Firm, whose specialists are the best lawyers, lawyers of Kyiv,  Vinnytsia, provides legal subscriber service to business entities, local governments, legal support of enterprises, institutions, organizations, regardless of ownership. Lawyers work throughout Ukraine, including Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro and other cities.

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Legal advice is always free for our clients.

  • loan agreement

    • appeal against the loan agreement

    • appeal against the accrued fee and interest under the loan agreement
    • invalidation of the agreement on securing contractual obligations under credit agreements

    • invalidation of pledge agreements (mortgages)

    • invalidation of decisions of the constituent meeting of the mortgagor (mortgagor) on the conclusion of these agreements

    • invalidation of pledge agreements ​​

  • recovery of damages caused during improper transportation of goods

  • dispute over the incentive to enter into an agreement on equity participation in the development of the city's infrastructure

  • disputes related to the establishment, operation, management and termination of the company

  • reimbursement in the order of recourse of expenses incurred in connection with the payment of funds under the contract of voluntary property insurance

  • dispute over amendments to the lease agreement of state and communal property in terms of the amount of rent and the establishment of the moment from which such an obligation may change

  • recovery from the lessee of the costs of maintaining the leased real estate

  • bankruptcy cases

  • disputes related to the execution of mortgage agreements

  • contract  factoring

    • appeal against the provisions of the factoring agreement

    • invalidation of certain provisions of the factoring agreement

    • invalidation or not subject to notarial inscriptions ​​

  • land relations

    • appeal against the land lease agreement

    • claiming a land plot from someone else's illegal possession

    • extension of land lease agreements

  • bankruptcy cases

    • recovery of debt from a debtor in respect of whom bankruptcy proceedings have been instituted and a moratorium on satisfaction of creditors' claims has been introduced

    • invalidation of transactions (agreements) of the debtor

    • dismissal (removal, termination of powers) of the arbitral trustee

  • cases on protection of economic competition

  • invalidation of acts of state and other bodies

  • termination of economic obligations

  • cancellation of arbitration decisions

  • acquisition of ownership of unfinished construction projects

  • application of the consequences of termination of the agreement on joint activities (recovery of funds)

  • lifting the seizure of property

  • Enforcement

    • appeal of public or private actions was executed

    • removal of property from arrest

    • appeal against the decision to seize the money

  • Appeals against decisions of the Antimonopoly Committee

  • Compensation in the form of lost profits
  • Debt collection, penalties for late payment
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