Our lawyers help to extend the growth of your business by providing large firm patent experience with unprecedented personal attention at a value that meets your bottom line. In particular, we provide the full spectrum of IP-related legal services, with a particular emphasis on high quality, low overhead patent counseling and prosecution in the electrical, computer, software and mechanical arts. Below is a brief summary of some of the services we provide.


  • prosecution (foreign and domestic)

  • portfolio management and strategic business planning

  • inter partes review (IPR) and ex parte reexamination

  • interference proceedings

  • patentability, clearance, and invalidity studies (including searches and opinions)

  • licensing

  • due diligence studies (pre-litigation, patent purchases, and M&A)

  • litigation (district court and ITC)

  • post-grant review (PGR)

  • covered business method (CBM) reviews

  • supplemental examination


  • Brand Development, Protection and Enforcement (i.e., trademark and domain name selection counseling, portfolio management services, trademark registration, monitoring, and renewal services)

  • Copyright Registration and Fair Use Determinations

  • Transactional Support Services (i.e., licensing, due diligence for commercial transactions and security interest agreements)

  • IP Governance Services (i.e., trademark and copyright usage policies and guidelines, affiliate agreements, joint marketing and reseller agreements, private label agreements, privacy policies and website terms of use)

  • Trademark Clearinghouse Registration Services


  • Unfair Competition Litigation

What types of intellectual creations can be the subject matter of IP?

It is generally understood that IP includes rights relating to the following:

  • Literary, artistic and scientific works (copyright)

  • Performances of performing artists, phonograms, and broadcasts (related rights)

  • Inventions in all fields of human endeavor (industrial property)

  • Scientific discoveries (industrial property)

  • Industrial designs (industrial property)

  • Marks and commercial names and designations (industrial property)

  • Protection against unfair competition (industrial property)

  • All other rights resulting from intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literary, and artistic fields

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