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Experienced Family Lawyers at the Podil Law Center protect the rights of spouses, the rights of the child in family disputes in Kyiv and Kyiv region (InLaw Kyiv Law Office ), Vinnitsa and Vinnitsa region. Extensive experience in resolving family disputes from escorting divorce to splitting up marital property into millions of dollars. Our attorneys have been repeatedly nominated for the title of "Best Family Lawyer." Call or write right now in CHAT and we'll discuss everything!

  • on declaring a citizen missing or declaring a citizen dead;

  • on making changes regarding the person's nationality in the documents;

  • on changing the name / surname / patronymic of an individual;

  • on the restriction of the legal capacity of a citizen who, as a result of alcohol or drug abuse, puts his family in a difficult financial situation

  • Cases of establishing facts of legal significance, such as:

  • the fact of family relations,

  • the fact of being a dependent of a citizen;

  • the fact of registration of birth, adoption (adoption), marriage, divorce, death;

  • the fact of recognition of paternity; the fact of death at a certain time and under certain circumstances in case of refusal of the civil registration authorities to register the death.

Сімейний адвокат Київ
Сімейний адвокат, семейный адвокат, семейный юрист
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